Review of the Zquiet Stop Snoring Device

Isleeping-on-sofa recently broke up with my boyfriend and moved back in my dad’s house. I haven’t been staying there overnight for about five years and things changed. The biggest change was a noisy night that I experienced. I just fell asleep and then soon woke up again by noises that I could not understand right away. So I decided to wake up dad and tell him, but when I came to his bedroom I realized that he was a source of this sound! I could not believe my eyes and ears, but he was snoring.  He was sleeping soundless 5 years ago, so it made me a bit shocked, I need to say that he gained some weight over this period due to retiring and having less physical activity, so it could have caused the problem. So I woke up my dad and we discussed it. I saw that he was aware of his sleeping disorder, but did want to confess it bothered him (like most of men would do). So I decided to take the situation in own hands. Especially since now it bothered me as well.

We went to shop for a snoring remedy and ended up buying zquiet. It was what the pharmathist advised us. Besides, my dad liked that it was easy to adjust and use, it worked through simple so called boil-and-bite technique and he wanted to finish this shopping it as soon as possible. In the evening we came home and it was about time to go to bed. So we ate, brushed our teeth and started setting the mouth piece. First of all, we unwrapped the package, took the ZQuiet and held it in a glass with just boiled water for about a minute. Then we let it cool down for a while, tried with hands whether it was not hot to be put in the mouth and when it was comfortable my dad, put it on and chucked his jaws. Held it tight for a few seconds and then put it in another glass with cold water. This done, we waited for a few minutes again and it was ready to go. This night I even moved my couch to dad’s room to check if ZQuiet does what it promise to do. The first I heard some sounds, but they were rather cute than disturbing. In a few days there were no sounds at all! I was more than happy for both of us.