Dealing with Public Transportation and Snoring

As a manager of an emerging advertising agency, I usually have at least one business trip to attend per week, and sometimes my destination can be as far as eight hours from home. I really don’t trust myself driving for that long so I tend to go for public transportation to attend to these business trips. If the train is out of the question, I just opt for buses. I just have one bit of a problem when it comes to long travels: sleeping with terrible and embarrassingly loud snores. Snoring isn’t really an issue in our family because all of us have the same condition. But it is quite a hassle when I wake up in the train or bus, and I see people staring or giggling at me just because I sounded like an elephant while I was unconscious. It kind of takes the poise and grace I usually practice when I am doing activities for my managerial responsibilities.

sleepy-winged-manA person in their right mind would quickly look for solutions and seek for help, and that I did. I consulted a doctor who specialized in the field, and he gave me tips on how to solve my problem. To sum them up, here is a list of those tips to make your long travel sleeping snore-free:

  • Drink a lot of water before or during the travel (when you are awake of course!). Apparently, dehydration can cause snoring, so you have to keep that from happening. It is also best to avoid drinking alcohol and smoking before the travel to prevent any loud incidents. Be sure that the vehicle has its own comfort room or it has enough stops for peeing.
  • Sleep sideways instead of on your back. This tip can also be applied when you sleep inside your home. There is a concept called snoring positions, and some people do have sleeping positions that cause them to snore. According the various studies on the condition, it is best to sleep on your side rather than resting your back on the chair. As uncomfortable as it may sound, you should do it if you really want to not snore during the travel. Just adjust yourself in your space at the most comfortable one.
  • Avoid bending your head back. A train or bus moves a lot, and sometimes an old one can make you sway a little more than usual. Due to this, you might find your head bending back from the force, especially while you are sleeping. It is best to keep your head in check if you do not want to snore.
  • Be sure that the train or bus is free from too much dust or anything that might cause an allergy. Sometimes, a dirty vehicle can be the cause of snoring. Mites and other allergy-inducing organisms and particles may be in the dirt so you have to keep an eye on the cleanliness of the vehicle. If you are taking a pillow with you, be sure that it is clean as well.
  • Use an anti-snoring mouth guard or mouthpiece. This is the most hassle-free way I have experienced among all the tips the doctor gave me. I just put it in my mouth and voila! I am now a snore-free traveling business woman. In case you are embarrassed to wear it in public, just use a shawl or scarf around half of your face—you’ll be fine after that.

Tips on Finding the Right Anti Snoring Device

At present, each person is a consumer of at least one brand of food, clothes, shoes, gadgets, appliances, and other essential things to human life. It is sometimes inevitable to be consumed by the market with the different brand companies’ convincing advertising, and some fake but still convincing advertising. The unknowledgeable consumer can be easily swayed by these techniques, so one should be very careful when choosing the goods. The consumer’s choice can be very significant, especially if the product is bought for medical reasons.

Snoring is a common human problem that indicates constricted airflow within nasal and oral passages of the body. A lot of snorers today buy snoring devices to stop the problem as quickly as possible. To be a responsible buyer of an anti-snoring device, here are a few reminders:


Selecting the Appropriate Anti Snoring Device

  • Identify the cause of the snoring. The snoring can be either close-mouthed, open-mouthed, caused by an awkward sleeping position, or caused by a more severe problem. Knowing what causes the snoring can hasten the process of stopping the snoring, and can prove to be time-saving and life-saving.
  • Learn about the possible anti-snoring devices you can use for your snoring type. There are cases that the snorer can use more than one type of anti-snoring device, so one should know all of the possibilities.
  • Consult a specialist or doctor for the best advice. If you are in doubt of your knowledge about the types and classifications, it is best to seek help from a doctor specializing in EENT and sleeping disorders.


               Buying the Right Choice of Anti Snoring Device

  • Review the device’s specifications carefully. Anti-snoring devices are usually displayed and advertised with the help of a list of its specifications. Read these specifications carefully so that you can find out if it’s the right kind of anti-snoring device or not.
  • Know if the device has other benefits aside from stopping your snoring problem. Sometimes, the anti-snoring device can pose other health benefits for the snorer. For example, anti-snoring chin straps are said to be beneficial in improving the REM stage of sleeping, whereas people are proven to wake up more positively if they get the right amount of REM sleep. Double or multi-purposed devices can be more worth it than the single-purposed devices.
  • Learn about the brand’s standards and their buyer’s reviews on the anti-snoring devices. Appropriate quality assurance is done by the credible brand companies, and their benchmarks are usually overviewed in their websites, magazines or other publications and advertisements. In addition, reading the reviews of people who have used their products could prove to be helpful in finding out the devices’ strengths and weaknesses.
  • Find out if there are scientific researches that studied the brand’s products. Medical technologists and engineers usually study existing medical products’ qualities and side effects, so it would be great to find even just one legitimate research regarding the anti-snoring devices.
  • Beware of fake anti-snoring devices. Authentic brands are sometimes faked by pirating groups who do it for profit. Be wary of medical shops who are not legitimate and who are not credible to produce anti-snoring devices.


Four Snoring Remedies To Cure Four Types of Snoring

A lot of often, snoring is triggered by weight problems and is typical amongst obese individuals. This occurs due to the fact that of the additional long soft taste buds or when excess fat that is particular of large necks includes pressure and weight on the air passages, restricting and obstructing them. For the very same factors, snoring is commonly discovered in youngsters who have irritated adenoids or large tonsils.

In order to stop snoring, or a minimum of to minimize the extent of the snoring condition, very first figure it out exactly what triggers snoring in your certain case and after that look for the suitable treatment. Here are a couple of popular and efficient solutions that are shown to assist stop snoring.

In its broadest meaning, snoring is a condition where obstruction of the air passages in the mouth, nose or throat lead to audible air vibrations – the roaring or grunting noise that we understand as snoring. There are lots of elements that trigger snoring.

Poor muscle tone is more magnified by consuming alcohol or other drug that has relaxing homes quickly prior to sleep.

If the noise of your very own snoring regularly stuns you awake during the night- you are not alone. According to some price quotes, about 40 % of the world’s population snores, about 25 % – frequently. For most of snorers, this condition does not just impact the quality of their own sleep, however likewise of their households and partners.

Poor muscle tone of the tongue and the throat can likewise trigger or exacerbate snoring. Throughout sleep, muscles are normally unwinded. When the muscle tone is particularly weak, they can ‘collapse’ or hit one another, triggering the same air vibrations in the passages. Poor muscle tone can likewise trigger one’s tongue to fall back into one’s throat, leading to clogs and resulting in snoring.

Stop snoring1) Nasal strips. They need to be made use of by those, whose snoring is triggered by blockage of the nasal passages. When the main issue stems from a clog in one’s mouth or throat, nasal strips will not be reliable in cases.

2) While nearly every snorer has actually become aware of anti snoring sprays, not everybody who’s attempted them skilled relief. Snoring sprays work by softening the solidified tissue or blockage that triggers obstructions in one’s throat.

3) Stop snoring pillows have actually taken web by storm. They are extremely efficient for those, whose snoring is triggered or exacerbated by resting on one’s back, as supine (resting on one’s back) position throughout sleep narrows air passages. Anti snoring pillows work by keeping the snorer in a side position throughout sleep.

4) Stop Snoring chin straps are exceptional for removing or decreasing snoring triggered by a structural issue of the mouth and jaw. The tight fitting mask keeps the jaw in location, hence decreasing or perhaps getting rid of snoring. The question that is asked in this review: is my snoring solution the best chinstrap for snoring ? –

While these 4 techniques are amongst the most widely known and popular stop snoring treatments, not each of them is ensured to work for everybody. For finest outcomes, learn more about exactly what triggers snoring in your certain case, and look for a suitable option.